George White & Co.
General Contracting ~ Fine Home Building ~ Cabinets

77 Kibling Hill Road
Tunbridge, VT. 05077

George White & Co. is a builder and contractor of fine homes and commercial projects throughout Vermont and New Hampshire.

Mission: GW & Co. was founded in 2000 with the goal of creating inspirational construction of projects that reflect the client’s vision and needs.
We specialize in residential and light commercial construction of remarkable quality, good communication, range and thorough planning.

Projects: Over the years we have been privileged to work on both cutting edge and historical projects of very high standard. We are enthusiastic supporters of energy efficiency, green sustainable building, affordable housing and community planning. We have completed projects involving advanced framing techniques, passive and active solar components, advanced insulation strategies, wood fired masonry heaters, high efficiency mechanical systems such as hydro power generation, ground source heat pumps, heat recovery ventilators, radiant heating and high efficiency condensing boilers.

Planning a successful project: We believe that best results are achieved through clear communication and well-conceived and planned projects. We work closely with each client, either providing in-house design or collaborating with client architects to chart a course for success. We bring expertise founded on over 30 years of experience with leading edge construction technology and traditional techniques, details and hand skills. We can provide the perspective necessary to orchestrating the many critical movements of a well-run project–from start to finish.

The Crew: Our crew is a group of committed craftsman with intelligent and thoughtful approaches to the many aspects of running a successful project on time and on budget. GW&Co has a long history of stellar client and architect relationships that extend beyond each project largely based on the excellence and amiability of the crew. We love a good challenge and thrive on the practices of excellence and efficiency.

History: George White has been building things of beauty for 34 years. Starting as an apprentice in Woods Hole Massachusetts at the age of 17, George White learned the fine craft of hand techniques in traditional cabinets and architectural detail under the critical eye of a ridged master craftsman Thomas Renshaw. He has worked all these years since fascinated by the building and science of homes, cabinets and lifestyles.